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Mobius` Input ports in Ableton

Hey guys,
I have a question and tried figuring it out off the web, but couldn´t find it anywhere so i thought i´d ask you.
I am using Mobius 2 as a plugin in Abelton Live 8.
I set up ableton with 4 tracks, which i want to use as inputs for mobius. I set the Tracks "Audio to" to my Ableton Mobius track and then want to specify the Input Ports, so that I can use a different Mobius track for each instrument.
The Problem that ableton´s fold out menu only gives me 3 inputs to choose. They are called "Left In 2/- Mobius 2", "Left In 3/- Mobius 2" and "Left In 4/- Mobius 2".
(Also the given Outputs are called "Left Out 2/- Mobius 2" etc. -up to "Left Out 8")
Does this "Left" thingy mean anything? And why can´t i get more than 3 Inputs?
I always thought Mobius had 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs?

Hope this is not too confusing. If so, let me know. I can take screenshots, or what ever might help. I am very thankful for any help. I´m pretty desperate over here...

Thanks already!