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Re: Looking to purchase used Mac for software development

I have had pretty good luck finding systems on Craigslist, but always do 
all of your business in a public place anonymously if you can.  also, it's 
generally worth it if you can find a mac with some applecare warranty left 
on it in case something goes wrong.

On Apr 7, 2013, at 10:33 AM, cpr@musetrap.com wrote:

> Turns out my Mac Mini is toooo old to be useful for software development 
> (ie. I can't install the latest software on it). Does anyone have a Mac 
> (mini or otherwise) that they would like to part with for $300 or less? 
> It's only job is to be a development machine, so the ability to use the 
> latest os/xcode trumps performance. I'm going to start looking on 
> ebay/etc, but thought I would check here first. :)
> peace
> -cpr