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Re: roland rc-505

Yup, it's beatboxer focused. The demos here give a good feel for how they see it being used:

What I would like with something like this:

1. When closing a loop, pressing the button sets the close point (assuming that isn't driven by synchronization) but release stops recording. In between it's overdubbing at 100% feedback. This is useful for letting delay trails loop around.

2. When starting to record, it starts when you press the button but still maintains synchronization. This is something the EDP does very well but a lot of other loopers don't because they assume you want to start on a cycle boundary. I want to start recording when I want to start recording, thank you.

3. I need a syncable delay-style looper so that I can do the evolving soundscape thing in conjunction with this.

Now, I also have the "problem" that I'm a guitar player so a table-top set up isn't ideal and a separate MIDI footpedal is yet one more thing, but so it goes.