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Video Performance Saturday, and upcoming

Hi folks,

I'll be doing video improvisations at 119 Gallery (my favorite performance space) this Saturday as part of analog heaven northeast. AHNE is primarily an event For people to show off their analog synthesizers. in the evening, those brave enough to perform in public have a jam session and I mix video live to accompany music.

An excerpt from last years performance can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmkMkaUWGLI&list=UU92kh9KkVsvsaRBG-tjdPeQ&index=10

the music starts around 730 or 8, admission is free. Donations to the gallery are always appreciated.

119 Chelmsford St
Lowell, MA 01851-2621
8:00 PM

the next edition of " moving with the light" will happen at 119 on May 18, with video by me, music by Eric Crowley and others to be announced, and dancing by you!

My videos, including recordings of some of my performances, can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/Tobenfeld

Culinary note: There is an outstanding Cambodian restaurant next door to the gallery.
"I rang a silent bell ..."  -- Robert Hunter
"... cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under it" -- Bob Dylan

My photography can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/22231918@N06/collections/72157603627170351/