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wireless midi ?

Hi Michael,

I have one of those pulse controllers, they're a lot of fun.  The hardware unit is only a contact microphone that plugs into your computer's line input.  The real controller is the software that handles that input.  

Therefore, to use the pulse controller wirelessly you'll need to send wireless sound, not midi.  That should be easier...

(It also means that once you've purchased the software you can use any contact microphones with it, no need to buy more controllers)


On Saturday, May 4, 2013, Michael Peters wrote:

I wonder if is possible to send signals from, say, four midi controllers wireless and without much hardware. I saw these today: http://pulsecontroller.com, and I thought it would be charming to tape a number of them to a dancer or several dancers (Laurie Anderson has done something like this years ago but I don't remember the details).