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ditto looper footswitch problems

i don't have this pedal, nor was i interested when i heard it was coming out 
(digitech has one too now). but when i heard this one-button pedal, i figured
that at some this would be the issue. i guess i like control over parameters,
and just being able to turn something on/off, to me, isn't enough control, especially
when you talk looping. but that's me. it would concern me that a pedal you've had
since march is already having switch problems, maybe it's a faulty switch...
good luck!

I was enjoying to play with a ditto looper since March, but despite me only using this every once in a while, the reliability of the built-in footswitch is now decreasing every day. (Yes, my shoes are clean and Ditto stored in it's box ;) Does any of you have similar experiences with this device (or other TC Electronic pedals)? Thanx for any insights, jayrope --- kliklak.net aircushionfinish.com prinzenallee.com