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OT: Acoustic very wide fretboard guitar?

Sorry about this OT post.

I'm searching for an acoustic guitar with a very wide fretboard, i.e. wider than that of a classical guitar.

It's going to be modded into a 7-stringer with La Bella nylon-coated steel strings, so a trussrod will be required.

It's not for playing classical per se, but will be used for a variety of styles, like semi-classical/jazz/latin...

I was thinking of an older used Höffner 12-stringer, but I'm not sure those were wide enough..

If I can't locate one with a truss, I'll replace the fretboard and add a souble action truss, so truss or not isn't make or break.

I cannot pay for one of the existing 7/8-string classicals, which BTW doesn't feature a truss; neigher can I pay for a custom build.

While I may have buy what's available, but will prefer an instrument that's been on the market log enough to available used, especially as I will very likely need to do some mods on it ;)

van Sinn