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Re: OT: websites'n'stuff

On 5/24/2013 9:14 PM, ditch wrestler wrote:
    Looking for general opinions and experiences on websites & promotion...

I would guess that people looking for you would be somewhat split as to whether they will be url snobs or not.  The advantage to having your own domain comes, I think, in the fact that your email addresses look more legit with your own domain than a gmail or hotmail, etc., domain.

I have done websites where I wrote the code using HTML only, and others where I used PHP so I could more easily have page templates.  I have found that using WordPress lets me more easily create new pages and even edit old ones.  But there is a learning curve and you have to make some basic decisions, such as (a) do you want to have a blog? (b) will you have separate pages for the individual members? (c) will you be hosting music or videos on your website? (d) will you be highlighting past accomplishments/projects on separate pages? - these are a few of the typical questions.  Picking up a book on WordPress is invaluable if that's the method you go with.

So my recommendation would be to buy a domain name (be careful of the hucksters out there), buy a book on WordPress, and install WordPress on your host, be it a freebie host or a (preferred if you have the budget) paid host.  You can also get a WordPress page hosted by WordPress.

Here are a few sites I've done for reference.  These are in no way representative of all the cool things you can do with a website, just some basic stuff:


Obviously you would use tools like Facebook and YouTube to round out your promotional campaign.