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Re: OT: setting the gain

@ Per, Paul, Michal, Andy, Mark et al: thank you for all your inputs.
I need to be become more familiar with the unit before flushing all the 
but indeed the range of sounds seems to be wide.

Ben <benoitruelle@yahoo.fr> wrote:
(31/05/2013 08:53)

> Hello
> This is quite OT but I think I may have usefull info from the 
> techwizards on 
> this list.
> I recently bought a zoom G5 pedalboard (a kind of M13 for the poor ;-).
> I use it in front of my Fender Mustang I Combo (no FX loop), I wonder 
> how I 
> should check the gain so the signal/noise ratio is the best without 
> sound 
> distorsion. 
> The factory presets on the G5 have a lot a volume difference and my 
> question is 
> how do you assure a correct level when using a multi FX like this and 
> make an 
> even sound among presets?
> Is the best solution to use a VU-metre on a mixing desk to create the 
> presets?
> I sometime uses the clip led of my jamman but this not precise enough. 
> As the 
> amp has also its own amp modelling, using the ear is not enough to 
> detect if the
> distorsion come from the amps sim on the G5, the input overloaded or the 
> amp sim
> on the amp.
> Any input?
> Ben