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"Dances with Birds" video on You Tube

Hi folks,

I've posted the video "Dances with Birds" on You Tube at http://youtu.be/OFNT6pdzdo8

" Dances with Birds" is an excerpt from one of my moving with the light dance jams that I produce at 119 Gallery in Lowell Mass. These events combines my video improvisations, improvised music, and an open environment for improvised dancing. It brings together my worlds of video improvisation, music improvisation, and participatory dance.

When these events work best, the dancers become performers interacting with the projected imagery as well as each other and the music.

The recording was made with a static camera shot taken with a Lumix LX 7 sitting on my mixing table.

BTW Some of my photography can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/22231918@N06/collections/72157603627170351/
" Practice makes perfect, imperfect is better."  -- Paul Bley

                Emile Tobenfeld, Ph. D.
Video Producer                  Image Processing Specialist
Video for your HEAD!                    Boris FX
http://www.foryourhead.com              http://www.borisfx.com