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Hehe, I guess everyone here will agree 'loopstations' should be understood as a family of instruments, like 'wind instruments' that include saxophones..
Again, how do you plan to use it? 

Le 10 juin 2013 à 10:12, Michael James <livinguniverse@yahoo.com> a écrit :

Thanks Andy for Your reply.
I am a total novice regarding looping.
I've seen live looping done by a very accomplished
looper named Mihirangi.  She uses an RC50,
but in researching that machine, I found that it's
somewhat dated and then found that there are
many complaints about the RC50, and this makes
Me wary about Boss products.
I basically want a loop station with all
the bells and whistles that allows
excellent sound recording, layering and
playback and that doesn't have software
and or hardware problems.  I'm playing
a lot of actual hand percussion and the saxophone
and want to multi-track record with effects if desired.
There must be a go to loop machine or station that
is the agreed upon standard as of June 2013 and I'm simply trying
to learn what that standard is.
I'll give You an anology: for saxophones, if someone said
the Yamaha 62 Tenor is an excellent, safe horn to go with,
probably 95% of saxophone knowledgeable folks would agree.
It's simply a good horn that is well made and has a very reliable track record.
I'm interested to know the equivalent for a looping machine/station.
Thanks, Michael