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more gigs in NYC (was: Loopers in New York in June...)

Hi fellow loopers,

We had a great show and the good news is:
We are going to do our show again. If it doesn’t rain on 17th @ Washington Square Park as soon as its dark (for the projections) and on 20th of June 8pm at Harvestworks.


A collage of memories, images, sounds an impressions of collected material based on video footage from the fiction feature film in the making “my Mont d’or” directed by Nina Goedé / sponsored by NYFA. The interplay of the artists, their personal material as well as their personal history is leading to this live electronic manipulation of video and voice sounds. It will give a brief look onto their interwoven existence, their space in time and their way to work.
This event is part of 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival.

I am also involved in the installation of Christer Hennix @ ISSUE Project Room. I'll be there for sure at the opening and the finnissage with performance:


See you there...


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