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New preview track for "The 3am Music"

Hi all,

As I may have mentioned before, my next solo drum machine CD, "The 3am Music" releases next Tuesday, 6/25. I'll be having a CD release performance at Berkeley Arts (in Berkeley, California) on Sunday 6/23 (sharing a bill with Lindsay Walker and the Bruckmann/Gramiller duo called Mchtsnchts).

Sleep is the theme of this disc - the act of going to sleep, the strange perceptions that happen when drifting in and out of consciousness, and what happens in and around you while you're sleeping. There are lots of unusual sounds including melodic elements, drone elements, and what I sometimes call environment elements. (Think field recordings - only performed by hand.) I made it so that you absolutely could put it on to go to sleep to, but also while you work/study - especially if you, like me, often find yourself toiling away on the computer in the early hours of the morning.

Like the last few releases, the music on the disc is 100% drum machine, processed in real time with various electronic devices.

It will be also be my first completely DIY/Ribosome Music release in over 10 years. It will be available at first through Bandcamp as a download or CDR, then eventually through my website. (I'll usually have copies with me if you see me in person.)

I just made a separate full track available for previewing at http://mattdavignon.bandcamp.com. Now you can hear "Going Under", which contains both melodic and environment elements.

Matt Davignon
Music: http://mattdavignon.bandcamp.com
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com