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Re: Boss SE-70 looper?

Now, the reason I'm asking is that, not being a pro musician, I'm thinking of scaling the bulty 19" rig down to just a Two Note Torpedo C.A.B and an SE-70, plus of course some compact MIDI floor board (likely a modded FCB1010).
Hardly gets more compact than this ;)

I'm still a Bit unsure if his combo will satisfy my needs, mostly due to effects chains being factory arranged, not allowing user-selectable routings, plus reportedly pichshifting/harmonizing can be slightly sluggish.
Also unsure if the basic looper will allow, well, sufficient basic 


Stefan Tiedje wrote:
Am 09.06.13 06:52, schrieb van Sinn:

Any in here having experiences with the looper in the Boss SE-70?
The manual isn't too informative, but at least says it can play reverse..

This machine was the core of my old delay sequencer I controlled from Max. It had delays and it had 12 pitch shifts with delay (the part I used). I never used it as a classical looper.
This old patch has evolved now into a pure software based monster...;-)
You can hear it in NYC on June, 17th @ Washington Square Park (if it is not raining) or on June 20th @ Harvestworks...


van Sinn