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FS: K2000 with awesome synth library and extras

I'm selling a 90s vintage Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer with special
collection of analog synthesizer disks and many upgrades. I am asking $350
obo. Located in Phila Pa and local pickup goes to the top of the deal

Many actual pics and more information here: 

This particular K2000 is in excellent condition and comes with many
upgrades. It has the last Operating System installed (3.87j)(no need to
buy/install thrid party roms), built in fan and expanded RAM, and a
whistle clean battery backup port. It also has SCSI and has been tested
with a Zip drive loading in Ensoniq and KRZ files and samples. Finally the
backlit screen is in excellent condition and the case and keys are all in
top shape. It's been covered for all the years I've had it in my smoke
free studio you'd and be hard pressed to find another K2000 so well
maintained. I think I may even have a pro done VHS tape which give an
indepth tour of VAST synthesis. Let me know if you want me to dig that up
and I'll include it free :)

Finally the huge benefit of this K2000 package is it's amazing original
sound library of classic analog synthesizers. Two boxes of the disks are
pro-sound Kurzweil factory libraries featuring analog synths, modulars,
and more and a third box of misc user stuff. Of course the keyboard itself
is filled with classic analog pianos, organs, synths, drum kits and more
as well. The disks have been tested and the disk drive loads and saves

The disks include Pro patches and samples from the following synths:

Arp - Odysessy, Arp 2600, Arp 2500!!!, Arp Chroma
Sequential Circuits - Prophet V, Pro One
Oberheim - Matrix 12, OB8, Matrix 6
Korg - Monopoly, Poly Six
Roland - Juno 60, Juno 106
Moog - Minimoog, Memory Moog
Yamaha - SK20
And about 10 more misc user disks with sounds, sequencers, etc.

These sounds are amazing. No, I will not sell the library without the
synth :)

Full info on the K2000 including a FAQ and tons of free sounds can be
found here: http://www.sweetwater.com/ home.html

Prices for K2000s are all over the place due to the various configurations
and conditions of the unit. You know what parts and upgrades for older
pieces cost. I am asking $350 obo which I think is very fair considering
the condition, upgrades, extras, and amazing original sound library but if
you think differently and will pickup in phila PA or can make this an easy
sale drop me a serious offer.

NOTE: Due to Paypal policies I am declaring it 100% AS IS with all sales
FINAL and no refunds. If paid with Paypal buyer will confirm
acknowledgement of this prior to sale.

Perfectly willing to test further, make demo vids, answer questions, etc
for serious buyers and I have over 20 years of references.

Buyers local to Phila PA are welcome to come by and check it out for

I accept USPS MO (preferred) or paypal personal or paypal regular (buyer
pays fees). We will need to buy a box for this but all shipping/packing
fees are at cost (receipt provided). I use a great local place which is
very affordable so this will arrive in good shape.

Thanks for reading!

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