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Kinect looper home movie

I posted here about a year ago regarding my Kinect-and-Wiimote live looper "Holofunk."  I've kept plugging away, most recently adding VST support (and integrating Turnado in particular).
Here's a home movie (dangling cables and all) of a bunch of friends playing with it late last month.  Half of these people had never touched it before that night.
Right now this is an open source project, but this is going well enough that I plan to upgrade to Kinect 2 as soon as possible, and then turn it into a for-sale project (hopefully $30 on Steam or so, if I can get it greenlit) sometime late next year.
And I have a specific question on that front:  I would like to ship it with some free VST plugins.  Are there any that are your favorites and that you know are freely redistributable?  (I will also ship some preset configurations for, e.g., Turnado, but it would be great to have some good ones out of the box.)  Definitely don't want to step on any toes here, so "free as in beer" recommendations would be awesome :-)


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