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Re: piezo pick hum

Hi Michael,
last thing it's going to be it "the piezo".
..and unlikely the the circuitry connecting the piezo
to the o/p of the guitar is creating a whine.

The sound is more typical of those that are produced by a laptop/soundcard combination that isn't well earthed for audio.
With the ultimate culprit being the laptop power supply.

Rusty's solution sounds good. & +1 for Dennis

Other things to try
1) change the whole jack cable 2) run laptop on batteries (most common fix for that noise) 3) change technician ;-)
Other wise not possible to troubleshoot at a distance without knowing the 

Need to know how the audio interface is powered.


Michael Peters wrote:

When I plug my Graduette Soloette guitar (a nylon string travel guitar with
a piezo pick) into the external soundcard of the laptop and launch Bidule 
hear it, I find that it hums - a deep drone hum plus a high whining sound.
This does not happen with regular electric guitars. My technician says it
has to do with the piezo. When I put a finger on the jack cable that sits 
the connector in the guitar, the noise stops.
I can get rid of the deep hum with a plugin, but the high whining noise is
still there. I can't play with my finger on the jack cable all the time. Is
there a simple way to get rid of that noise?  a special VST plugin?  or 
kind of grounding cable that I connect to the plug? and where does the 
end go?  I need a quick and simple solution. Help!