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Electrix Repeater FS

Since I haven't been using my Electrix Repeater much for a while I have decided to put it up for sale it and I'm offering it here first before it goes to Ebay.

I'm the original owner and I bought it from Alto Music when they first came out. This is a fully functioning unit and has the original power supply and has not been modded. Other than taking it out to a few gigs in a rack case when I first got it, it's been in my smoke free music room in a rack case ever since.

I have the box and all manuals and I have ALL versions of the operating system on Flash cards.

I also have several Flash cards for sale that have the Hitachi controller which are FULLY COMPATIBLE with all recording functions on the Repeater 

Original 16 MB CFC with Electrix logo

128 MB Simpletech CFC 

256 MB Simpletech CFC

512 MB Pretec CFC

I also have one 32MB SanDisk CFC that the very last operating system came loaded on (I never used this for recording but I suspect it doesn't have the Hitachi controller and won't allow ALL functions in real time)

I would like to sell all of this as a package deal. I know compatible CF cards with the Hitachi controller are very hard to find but I don't want to get into selling the CF cards separately so please don't ask.

I'd like to get $800 for everything with the buyer paying shipping. I'll take Paypal so email me directly (ed.drake(at)gmail.com) or call at 804-921-1498 and we can talk in person and spare us both the Ebay nonsense. I'm located in VIrginia so let me know if you are nearby enough to look at it or pick it up in person.

Thanks for looking!!

Ed Drake