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Re: live voice looping and beyond

Let's say it all comes down to expectations, success, life, art and how 
you manage to make them all work together.

Le 4 août 2013 à 23:30, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> a écrit :

> Its funny how when an artist gets a modicum of success, suddenly 
> everyone starts dissing them, saying "oh hes just cheating with his 
> fancy gear, and look at all the hype and marketing he does".
> Beardyman has been around for YEARS, YEARS I tell ya! and he started by 
> winning some pure beat-boxing competitions and performing on the street 
> during Edinburgh fringe. He was funny and extremely talented. He has 
> worked and worked and worked at what he does in the pubs around England.
> I dint take much interest as I hate beat boxing. But im a gear-head and 
> a looper, so when I saw him do some amazing things with a couple of kaos 
> pads, I started to like what he did. That he "does things to he voice 
> that make it sound like something else" is just GREAT by me, Christ!!! 
> Isnt that why we are on this list cos we LIKE effects and looping, Aint 
> looping just a teeny tiny bit like cheating too huh? 
> As for the marketing, Well I can assure you.. (Ive been there) that when 
> music becomes your career you need people! Them people get you in 
> magazines, put you on the telly, and get you to say that this soap 
> washes whiter or that these drum stick are the coolest. And ok, Its a 
> bit lame... but thats marketing, and the reason we, as good honest and 
> un-corruptable musos have managed to keep ourselves from this despicable 
> and evil practice, is because... we make weird shit music that no-one 
> wants to listen to.
> The second we sell more than 1000 records, I promise you wed all be 
> doing the same. Now Beardyman, does he even MAKE records? What can he 
> sell? Surely he just a live guy? Tell me if Im wrong. I certainly 
> wouldnt buy a record of his, who needs a beat box version of gabba 
> techno mixed with country western in a song about a snail? (Hmm well on 
> the other hand)
> Anyway. Beardyman rocks!
> Mark