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possible fall of this list to a Facebook group, oh no!

Hello! Just last year, the Looper's Delight mailing list thrived! People 
were talking about their loops 
all the time! And the Facebook group was active as well, mostly for stuff 
like pictures. But I 
noticed the inactivity of this list, and someone late last year said it 
was because of Facebook. So I 
hope Violet gets this message; she can still edit loopers-delight.com, and 
maybe she should 
put a Facebook link up on the site. The reason I'm sending this message to 
the list is because I 
want to know, would you like the list to be alive again, or are you all 
unsubscribing due to Facebook 
soon? I honestly prefer the list; it's like a Loopbook; a Facebook just 
for loopers, 
electronic musicians, and loopers who loop electronic sounds. It's been 
that way since 
1996, but it was good in 1996! My problem with Usenet newsgroups is that 
it has become 
obsolete; I haven't seen the obsolescence of sending email yet.
Tyler Z