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Re: possible fall of this list to a Facebook group, oh no!

No, Micheal, I believe i have read some (pseudo) research on this. There is some discussion elsewhere at least that Facebook is incredibly good at sharing and opening up topics to the world, but has a tendency to trivialise. This leads to an immediate rush of enthusiasm, and mass joining (because of the friends of friends thing, the word gets out. But then bulk and streams of self publicity, verging on spam, makes it seem trivial. Notice how from the FB group, there has been break-out groups, like stomp-box enthusiasts, and weird instruments? Well before that sort of thing would be discussed on list. The philosophical discussions have now all but disappeared, and soon we will be ONLY posting media and comments that are under 150 characters.

I have tried to limit my use of the Facebook group to posting links and videos, and NOT discussion, so yes, I put my spam on FB. When I want to talk I use the list. Although auguably the FB conversation formatting is often what appeals, I have been advocating the use of gmail, to all list users so that get that look. But ultimately, people still want to use Outlook or whatever..

We can keep this list alive by going back to using it, and really using it. I know people are frustrated about its lack of development, but think of that as a GOOD THING! In this world of constant updates to include sharing and iclouding, its nice to use something constant and UNchanging, without having to constantly figure out the laborious interface...

Loopers delight is dead
Long live Loopers delight!


On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 8:48 AM, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:
hi Tyler,

I don't think anyone unsubscribes because he is in the Facebook group. There
is some constant traffic in the Facebook group but it mostly consists of
photos and livelooping videos, and event announcements. There is hardly any
discussion happening like we have it in the mailing list. It all feels to me
as if we are just a bit tired, or many people are away for vacation.


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe