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Re: possible fall of this list to a Facebook group, oh no!

/me glances at the calendar to check the date

Yep, later Summer. Time for cyclical "Oh, woes" thread! 


It's amusing to read this thread from my Gmail account that suggests all manner of things to make the experience "richer" by signing in to FaceBork or LInkedIn ("Hey! Let's start a LinkedIn Discussion Group for Loopers!") …

As the original perpetrator of the Facebook group, I can tell you that it wasn't an "overnight" success (fine by m). I was very delighted when, after about a year, it finally  seem to gain some traction and people like the Walker brothers, Michael Peters, Andy Butler, Ted Killian, and Mark Francombe signed on there. It was never intended to "replace", there was never any thought of one superseding the other.

It was about augmentation.

If I can make any observation about the group of musicians on Loopers Delight, it is, that in comparison to the majority of rock musicians "out there" they are consistently less conservative about the embrace of technology, often taking it in directions that the designers hadn't thought of or intended. That's a good thing because somebody has to stretch the limits and boundaries.

Use what you know. Try and learn something new. Move ahead.

Some of you will never grace the pages of the Facebook site ("Dave Draper — you're a dinosaur! *grin) and that's okay … that's what this list is for.

On a side note for those who follow both — there's no reason we can't get into deeper discussion over there. The ability to post notes/documents/audio and video samples should be encouraging us to take advantage of those capabilities. There have been several festivals in the past months — people have been posting photos of them. We can always use more of that.

We now return to the lazy days of summer. (Well, maybe in YOUR neck of the woods. It's finally getting dark at night around here, which means we've got about 6-8 weeks before the snow starts and the Winter Lockdown begins…on the other hand, it means we'll get to see the aurora again!)

Best to all from the banks of mighty Chena River,



On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 4:35 AM, Noah Peterson <noah@noahpeterson.com> wrote:
Some of us just read and want to know what everybody is doing.  I'd
comment more if I thought I had anything valuable to contribute...

On Wed, August 7, 2013 1:48 am, Michael Peters wrote:
> hi Tyler,
> I don't think anyone unsubscribes because he is in the Facebook group.
> There
> is some constant traffic in the Facebook group but it mostly consists of
> photos and livelooping videos, and event announcements. There is hardly
> any
> discussion happening like we have it in the mailing list. It all feels to
> me
> as if we are just a bit tired, or many people are away for vacation.
> -Michael

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