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Re: Taking the plunge

No way Willie!!!

On Aug 10, 2013, at 12:51 PM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> 

> So  I am ready to finally take the plunge. I'm going to start with =
> Mobius running in Ableton, for the following reasons, being able to run =
> in Ableton will allow me to take advantage of synced effects  and =
> routing options and Mobius is the only platform that I know of that does 
> =
> the sus 8th effect (correct me if I'm wrong), which I have been doing on 
> =
> the Looperlative known as quantize replace.=20
>  Other than that I'm curios if its possible to do multiple command =
> scripts in Mobius so that for example one midi foot switch command could 
> =
> tell one group of tracks to start playing when another track or group of 
> =
> tracks stops playing, in essence be able to create verse/ chorus / =
> bridge parts on the fly, I've been using multiple script commands for a =
> few years now primarily in this simple way, though the script itself is =
> 6 commands long, which makes me wondering about being able to migrate =
> this work flow  to Mobius. Years ago when I moved from a Repeater to a =
> Looperlative there were things I had to give up, time stretch being one =
> of them and the cool Mellotron effects one could achieve triggering loop 
> =
> samples via midi guitar, But now as then I'm not afraid to give up a few 
> =
> parlor tricks.
> I'm also wondering about what other platforms people are using and why =
> they like that platform. As time permits I want to try several different 
> =
> ones  once I get my work flow happening in Mobius and Ableton.
> Thanks
> Bill