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Re: Mac Audio editor?

I use 'Wave Editor' from Audiofile Engineering. Simple enough to do simple things, power where you need it. It offers fades and FX.


On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 4:10 PM, David P Coffin <dpcoffin@earthlink.net> wrote:
Hey Mac folks... I

'm wondering what audio editors you currently favor? I live in a graveyard: I used to use Peak, then SoundTrackPro...Liked 'em both real well.
I particularly recall being able to fade in or out an effect across a selection, in Peak I think. Any idea if that feature lives on somewhere? I don't see it in Audition or Amadeus, my two easily available editors these days (10.8.4), though I do have Logic, too, and I can imagine automating a bus send to get the same effect there, but nowhere near as effortlessly...

Thanks for any ideas!