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Re: Mac Audio editor?

Wow that SonicBlade stuff is expensive! There is a comp chart, but you 
don't even get VST/AU support at the $300 level; need to pony up at least 
$700 for that...sorry, that's out of my range, even if it does have "more 
depth, detail and a greater sense of presence than what you're used to 
hearing from any other system." MP3s are good enough for me. Interesting, 
though; I always love to drool over the high end:)

Thank for all the suggestions, folks, I'm trying several demos now. 
Twisted Wave's on sale from MacUpdate for half off right now, but it 
doesn't have any mix controls when applying FX, and its mix-paste 
functions are pretty inflexible. Looks like DSP-Quattro's going to be the 
one if I actually need one; it's crazy flexible, if a bit over-complicated 
Off to dig deeper into Audition; thanks for the tip, Andy.


On Aug 11, 2013, at 10:27 AM, David Gans <david@trufun.com> wrote:

> Sonic studio.com should have a chart showing the differences among the 
> three versions of soundblade. I use HD, but I'm quite sure that LE also 
> has segment level controls etc. Plus it has the best control of 
> Crossfades you'll ever find.