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gear spam, Ibanez img 2010 guitar

Hi there,

Sorry for the commercial folks but I have something here that may interest some of you that are into midi guitar stuff.

The big item is an Ibanez img 2010 it does have the whammy bar and the MC1 controller.

Then I've got the CV-13 made by Wayne Jones which converts the 24 pin cable to a 13 pin cable but lets you route the guitar midi controllers to a midi pedal or VG 99, check out his youtube videos to see what you can do with it.

I also have SW41 made by Kaus Schock in Germany, which lets you route up to 4 13 pin midi guitars to one device

and finally I also have a couple of extra 24 pin cables that have been tested and work fine.

If any of this gear sounds interesting to you contact me off list and I will put up a link to some pictures of the gear and we can talk price.


Ontario Canada