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Re: Taking the plunge

 Thats what I'm talking about Thanks for the tips Todd, from your 
description it sounds like a less chaotic version of the scramble function 
on the Looperlative,  something I was hoping to create in software. For 
now I'm going to go with Ableton as a host, but start with mobius by 
itself,  and get that happening. The general consensus seems to be that 
Ableton has the edge in terms of platform stability, and since my 
mainframe is windows and I'm also considering partitioning this computer 
for windows as well, this makes the most sense to me. 

Hey Bill,

Right now MainStage 3 is not compatible with Mobius because the new 
version of MainStage/Logic will only work with 64-bit plug-ins. Jeff is 
already working it though so maybe by the time you incorporate a host then 
Mobius will be 64-bit. 

Check out the Shuffle - function in Mobius with your sub cycle number 
dividing your loop into 8th notes then go to Presets - Functions - and 
turn Shuffle to 'Random'

Once you bind a footswitch to the shuffle function and build up a bed of 
sound it will randomly shuffle the notes creating a cool rhythm similar to 
sus replace.