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Re: McMillan 12 step anyone?

> Not to get between a man and his GAS, but is reprogramming the Gordius 
> to send notes harder than spending $289 for a new footswitch? :-)
> Jeff

ha ha Ha Ha ha ha  ugh unn urrrmphhh. This cave man is still rocking 2.0.2 
version on his Gordius LG , the original librarian is on my studio windows 
 computer, but I think its  going to take updating the Gordius  and  
completely reprogramming it with the new editor librarian, I just got back 
on the original librarian editor , and its just as confusing as I'm 
remember,  programming some basic PC banks a few years ago.  Just trying 
to juggle learning curves and I'll take another crack at programming some 
midi note stuff again,   And yes I have gotten basic functions to work 
with pc commands in Mobius but not the Sus command stuff and that's what I 
want to get at,  will try to figure out stand alone mode on the Gordius if 
that indeed is on the old editor and Phil yes I would gladly accept your 
templates once i figure out how I'm going to save my old presets on my old 
editor librarian for the the Looperlative, which i will still be using 
live for the foreseeable future, get the new software up and running, and 
hopefully be able to retrieve my original presets as I build new ones   
that can more easily accomplish midi note commands. Thanks all for the 
advice, this is not exactly intuitive :-) Thanks for sparing me from the 
GAS abyss  Jeff!!!