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Gordius trials and triumphs

 Hey Mark , It aint just you a baby!  I have had plenty of over 50 brain 
fart moments, trying to remember how to use the  old editor librarian to 
program midi note numbers on my  Gordius Little Giant. I hadn't programmed 
it in about 5 years and I had forgotten some things and actually had never 
programed midi notes before, so following a tidbit that Per tossed out, 
and the midi note conversion chart that Xavier pointed out to me, I was 
finally able to get it done and luckily do it on my old librarian, The 
thing is, I had never upgraded the LG since I bought it, and i'm not sure 
if I have a necessary hardware upgrade in place to be able to do so. I 
have a call out to Bob Amstadt to see if he installed it in mine because I 
simply can't remember. So that has been how I spent my weekend getting a 
few banks of Midi note on off information programmed on my Little Giant, 
so I do have sus commands working, in Mobius. The next step is scripts, 
but I'm still wondering if quantize replace, as I know it on the 
Looperlative is possible in Mobius or echoloop, the ability to program the 
the actual beat division as a sus command, sus replace is cool but not the 
same, Anyone know how to do this??? 
 It has been interesting learning Mobius, i never did spend much time on 
the EDP, went pretty much strait from a Lexicon jamman to a Repeater to a 
Looperlative, so some of the  commands like substitute, insert , divide,  
loop windowing etc  I have no reference point for.