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Re: Re: Best high quality,super compact mixer?


Here's an idea from left field...

From previous posts I surmised you had a RME Fireface UFX, right?  Do you know you can use it without your computer?  Throw in a cheap midi controller and it's a hell of a mixer... (only 4 preamps, though, but plenty more balanced line inputs in the back).  The kicker is that not only can you route anything to everything, you can save mix presets and change between them at the press of a button.  

From the website:

Stand Alone Operation with Setup Recall . Using the three rotary encoders and the clear colour display the Fireface UFX can be configured and set up completely at the device. Additionally internal memory allows for the permanent storage of six different states of the unit. Therefore the Fireface UFX is able to operate fully stand-alone, without any connected computer. In stand-alone operation it can transform into totally different devices by the simple click of a button. Furthermore, in this mode TotalMix FX can also be controlled via MIDI. Application examples include: 12-channel AD/DA converter, 4-channel mic preamp, monitor mixer, digital format converter, analog/digital routing matrix.

It doesn't exactly fit your wish list, but if you already have the RME, you could get a good rackbag with a drawer for mics, cables and midi controllers and it won't cost you too much and would give you lots of flexibility.

Like I said, left field...