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Programming slightly more advanced midi stuff

Hi All!

I have really taken advantage of all my old hardware with the use of the Amazing missing link,
(unfortunately my wife is allergic to Wifi, so I have to wait till she is out to fire it up)
But being able to get at and attach a fantastic control on my iPad, has really opened up some old boxes.

Now the time has come for the Roland EF-303
Its fantastic as a sequenceble effects unit, and designed for that, but kinda "thrown in" is a clone 303 synch. Sounds great, but as its a bit of an extra, the controls are not as "Hands on" as the processing part. Kinda hidden way are ADSR controls, for both amp and filter, quantise to Key, quantise to various Scales, Gate time, slide time, rest, ties.. and lots more.
None available via knobs, all a bit menu-ish.

But when I look in the manual for some nice CC numbers... Hmm, its a tad advanced for me...
Although I can see these things listed, I think they as Sysex commands... and,,, guess what...

"Ive never used them... boo hoo"

I dont know how to take the weird codes and "use em"!

To program in TouchOSC for the missing link I use this (by our own Bernard Wagner)

There is a SysEx thingy, but I dont know HOW to read the manual, and translate what IM seeing to what is shown on Mr Wagners clever page.

So for you geeks edification I present the EF-303 manual...


All I need is an example of how to program ONE of the parameters for one of the steps in the sequencer. For example:
 S1 (step 1) GATE TIME.
Which is shown on page 74 of the manual
Please REFER TO the message generator mentioned above.

I think if I can do one I can do them all!

It may be that its not possible, if so.. tell me... I can take it!

And Please... NO ONE SAY, "Do it in Bidule"...

Just for the record, I dont use computers for music. OK?

Thanks so much...


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe