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Re: Programming slightly more advanced midi stuff

Allergic to Wifi? Is Wifi some kind of substance or something? lol
Tyler Z
On Sun, 25 Aug 2013 01:34:34 +0200, mark francombe wrote:

>Hi All!
>I have really taken advantage of all my old hardware with the use of the 
>Amazing missing link,
>(unfortunately my wife is allergic to Wifi, so I have to wait till she is 
>to fire it up)
>But being able to get at and attach a fantastic control on my iPad, has 
>opened up some old boxes.
>Now the time has come for the Roland EF-303
>Its fantastic as a sequenceble effects unit, and designed for that, but 
>"thrown in" is a clone 303 synch. Sounds great, but as its a bit of an 
>the controls are not as "Hands on" as the processing part. Kinda hidden 
>way are 
>ADSR controls, for both amp and filter, quantise to Key, quantise to 
>Scales, Gate time, slide time, rest, ties.. and lots more.
>None available via knobs, all a bit menu-ish.
>But when I look in the manual for some nice CC numbers... Hmm, its a tad 
>advanced for me...
>Although I can see these things listed, I think they as Sysex commands... 
>and,,, guess what...
>"Ive never used them... boo hoo"
>I dont know how to take the weird codes and "use em"!
>To program in TouchOSC for the missing link I use this (by our own 
>There is a SysEx thingy, but I dont know HOW to read the manual, and 
>what IM seeing to what is shown on Mr Wagners clever page.
>So for you geeks edification I present the EF-303 manual...
>All I need is an example of how to program ONE of the parameters for one 
>of the 
>steps in the sequencer. For example:
>S1 (step 1) GATE TIME.
>Which is shown on page 74 of the manual
>Please REFER TO the message generator mentioned above.
>I think if I can do one I can do them all!
>It may be that its not possible, if so.. tell me... I can take it!
>And Please... NO ONE SAY, "Do it in Bidule"...
>Just for the record, I dont use computers for music. OK?
>Thanks so much...
>Mark Francombe
>twitter @markfrancombe