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Wheres the Gordius Forum?

Im posting here cos I cant find the Gordius Forum, Im sure there was one, I might even be a member! Any tips? 

OK one question, where I RE-ask a question from a few weeks back.
Im programming my banks now, and didnt understand the difference between Patches, Triggers, Two State effects and Momentary effects.

I NOW think I know.
I dont need Two state (stomp box) or Momentary.
But the ONLY difference I can see between Patches and Triggers, is the LED´s!!!! CAn this be true? Patches LEDs light up and stay on, whereas Triggers only light up when you are pressing down?
I cant for the life of me understand why the difference in the editor is so great! Why isnt this functionality just a check box by the patch name (LED Momentary or Persistant.... For example)

Ive now made 20 or so PATCHES, which is pretty much how the FCB1010 works (last switch pressed is lit) but realise that all looper functions should really be momentary LEDs.

So: QUESTION 1: Is there a way to copy Patches to be Triggers? Or do I have to go thru the lot and re-make them?

There are SO many options for arranging your Presets, into banks, many levels, that I dont understand!!!  Banks I get, (but isnt what you need for a SONG the same as a bank?) And then Setlists I get (arranging of the songs)
Theres a step I dont understand, which is when you make a Bank, you THEN need to make it a Banklist, whats THAT for?
But heres the real question...
QUESTION 2: Why with so many LOW LEVEL options, is the now HIGH LEVEL functionality?
What I mean is that every command has to laboriously enter in, allowing for all sorts of errors

Lets assume 1 patch is made up for 2 commands. (Mine are not, just 1 per message stream Note on version and Note off) But looking thru the manual, I know Im goinf to have lots of fun with stringing lots of UNDOs together with delays, or making a SUStain action Speed command (something you can do on EDP, but only with a preset change)

Anyway, back to example. 2 commands. One of them is the command for Record on a looper. I want to SAVE THAT COMMAND, and be able to bring it up and add it to any patch as I make it, and the other command, well it doesnt really matter what it is, just that i want to program it ONCE, and have it available in some kind of command pool, that I can drag into any switch when I want.

Does that make sense?

Actually it wasnt a question, more of a wish list, discussion point.

Nighty night


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe