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Wheres the Gordius Forum?

> I NOW think I know.
> I dont need Two state (stomp box) or Momentary.
> But the ONLY difference I can see between Patches and Triggers, is the 
> LED´s!!!! CAn this be true? Patches LEDs light up and stay on, whereas 
> Triggers only light up when you are pressing down?
> I cant for the life of me understand why the difference in the editor is 
> so great! Why isnt this functionality just a check box by the patch name 
> (LED Momentary or Persistant.... For example)
 I wouldn't bother with triggers, just match your PC, CC or Note numbers 
with the switch you want to use , I like to leave my last switch press lit 
so I have no use for triggers, and never got that far,  just program 
patches and if they do what you want don't go any further, The Gordius is 
so deep and I never have personally gotten past  programming of switches 
and CC/aux switches which I have for volume and feedback for my looper and 
an extra 11-12 preset switches for each bank.  
 Im sorry i wish I knew how to use it more deeply than I do but i'm just 
controlling a looper, not a looper, an modeling amp,  a synthesizer, drum 
machine 4 outboard effects etc… thats where the Song modes come in.