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Re: Kim Flint / Strava article

Bummer.  just took me to a page to sign up for Bicycle mag… I hope it won't be unethical to ask, as I do realize bicycling mag deserves our revenue as much as anything -  If any of you do end up getting to this, a copy and paste would be most appreciated! 

all the best, 


On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 2:03 AM, Amy X Neuburg <amyx@isproductions.com> wrote:
Thank you, Richard. Will look for it.

On 10/04/2013 6:26 pm, Richard Atkinson wrote:
hello, folks...

long time no talk...i've been lurking for a while, but wanted to pop
up and let you know that there is an article about Mr. Kim Flint in
the newest issue of Bicycling magazine.  It centers around Kim
cycling, involvement in the competitive Strava community, and his
unfortunate demise.  There is mention of Kim's work and musical
contributions, as well.

The cover has the title 'Game Changers' on it, if you are interested
and happen to see it on the newstands.


back to lurking!  I hope you all are well!

best regards,

Rich Atkinson