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Re: Newbie Loopie and not afraid to admit it :)

This is an impressive first tour for a 'newbie' live looper.   Congratulations and
break a leg. I can't wait to see you in Santa Cruz.

Thanks so much for your energy and thanks so much for all the promoting you've been doing to help the
NW LOOPFEST get going and to help out with the Y2K13 fest in Northern California.

It's great to have you in our community,  Rejyna!

appreciatively,   Rick Walker

On 10/8/2013 3:04 PM, Rejyna MDW wrote:
So, I've only been playing guitar in bands since the 70's and it took me this long to discover that I like playing with myself better...  

As the puns abound, please accept my shameless self-promotion here because, even if you don't hit one these shows to see/hear me, you've GOT TO hear all the others who'll be performing!!!

This Thursday/Friday in Seattle, J&M Cafe: 

Thursday Night Line-up: 

Noah Peterson, Karma Bomb, Isaac Thompson, Tukso Okey, Hans Lindauer, Clifford Kimbrel-Dunn, cellotronik, Eric Muhs, Moongriffin, Christopher Ingold, The Genie 

Friday Night Line-up:

Stephen Briggs, LucidBrain IntegrativeProject, Bill Walker, ANI, Rejyna Douglass-Whitman, Eastside Industrial, Consumer, Polemic Contriver. 

This Saturday/Sunday in Portland, Analog Cafe: 
Saturday Night Line-up:

Noah Peterson, Polemic Contriver, Bill Walker, Moongriffin, , LucidBrain IntegrativeProject, ANI, Clifford Kimbrel-Dunn, Eastside Industrial, Christopher Ingold, The Genie 

Sunday Line-up: 

Eric Muhs, Karma Bomb, Gideon Freudmann, cellotronik, Rejyna Douglass-Whitman, Hans Lindauer, Stephen Briggs, Isaac Thompson, Eric Buchner, Consumer, Ben Beauvais, Forever Growing

Sunday show is ALL AGES!!!! Students show your ID for free entry!

Wednesday, October 16 in Danville, CA, Meenars: 

Noah Peterson, Stephen Briggs and myself with hour-long sets each!  

Friday, October 18 in Santa Cruz, CA:

Stephen Briggs, Jack Hertz and myself on the radio making SETI sounds and all kinds of other sounds too!!  

Saturday, October 19 in Watsonville (Santa Cruz 'burb), CA:

The Fest to Top All Fests!!!

Main Page for the Weeklong Schedule of Events! http://y2kloopfest.com

Rick Walker and Stephen Briggs have honored me with invites to play these shows.  I have been in my music room nearly every night, keeping my callouses intact and brushing up on my soft shoe and paradiddles   My biggest hope is that I am able to exude enough savory sonic nuggets to coax a smile and a few head bops.  My biggest excitement is getting to hear and see all the other loopers because every approach is unique, every sound is personal and every looper I've met so far are true artists and sincere humans.  I really appreciate how encouraging and accepting everyone on this list has been to me and to all the newbies.  

If you're within 20,000 miles of any of these events, there's no excuse for missing the fun!  

I will be there playing with myself too, and you're all invited to watch \m/ :) \m/