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The website for the festival looks AWESOME, especially on a 42" widescreen LCD. Can't wait to get there on Saturday. See you soon!

Michael Carlson (3x09) 

On Oct 8, 2013, at 3:06 PM, Rick Walker wrote:

On 10/8/2013 2:15 PM, Jim Goodin wrote:
Excellent there is a fest opening up there and you are on the draw Bill.  Just took look at the current loopfest site, man that is the best that has ever looked.  Kudos to brother Rick and whoever is handling design/maintenance.  Opening page with the 4 of you plus layout really dig.

The Y2K13 International Live Looping Festival Main Website is now finished:


All the schedules for next week's performances are up along with photographs, bios and URL's for
the performing artists......

And thanks for the credit, Jim, but all of that credit has to go to one of our
featured artists this year,  ANI.   Also know as Amy Lee, this fine website designer has cranked this thing
out in record time and done a wonderful and professional job.     Amy is new to me and I have to say
that she has been an utter delight to work with:  professional, quick,  friendly,  encouraging and patient
(which has to happen a lot with me  <sigh>).

I can highly recommend her as a website designer for all of you live loopers out there considering
a pro website.

Many thanks to Amy!

Also, for the  second straight year we have a wonderful new poster that anyone can download
and print out (Californians,  Office Max can print out this puppy on fine gloss art stock for just
slightly over a dollar) by graphic/fine artist, Liz Huggans.

I sent a zillion revisions to Liz and they came back to me in a day, every single time!
She also designed a beautiful CD package for my good friend Wireless.
She is a major talent and we're so lucky to have her and Amy on our team!

Thanks,  guys,   from the bottom of my heart.

Now I'm off to have these blown up to 22" X 34"

yours,   Rick