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Re: OT: guitar conversion.

On 10/29/2013 6:36 PM, Jim Goodin wrote:
What started as another 'fretted to fretless' of some of my low-if instruments has evolved to full rebuild and see what I come up with.  Some might be interested in the work which is midstream.  Documenting on my YouTube as I go .
3rd episode so far.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v65vCQuI0A&sns=em

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Fun to watch!
I look forward to the continuing installments.

I recently bought a 'defretting' tool to tackle my beautiful 3/4 scale cheapo bass
that I've refitted with Lace Sensor pickups,  a BadAss bridge,  new tuners, et. al.
For some reason, this bass has the deepest subsonic bass sound of any of my several
electric bass guitars and I'm going to take out all the frets above the 12 fret for
fretless solo goodness (retain my ability to funk it up with frets on the lower ranges of the instrument).

rick walker