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Re: RandomRetrigger in the LP-2

Rick Walker wrote:
Andy Butler asked:

"trouble with that, I expect, is that is *doesn't* create another musician.
Once you stop hitting RandRetig the loop goes vanilla again.
(or does it?, not seen a demo...a demo would be nice!) "

What I've discovered is that if one puts in several long tones with slow attacks (NO transients), representing a scale that a cool effect to do is to play a solo and hit Random ReTrigger every time you hit a note in your solo.

Sounds good in my head.

A quick way to create a loop without transients
(near enough)  is to reverse it.

Another thing is that because a square tremelo effect is created,

Don't understand. Unless you mean a brief fade in/out like the one which separated the notes in scramble.

It's a way of starting out Avant Garde and creating a 'groove' out of it or staring out with a groove and then de-constructing
it to end up Avant Garde.

Rick, that's what I love about your music!


That's the theory at least.

Rick Walker