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Re: Cutting Time

Matthias Grob wrote:

yes! even I would be using this :-)
Unsert? Desert? or just Cut ?

"Unsert"    ...that's a classic :-)

...and the results might be uncertain?

The scripting methods make you wait a whole loop before you can do it 
that's too obvious a disappointment.

this I did not quite understand… when would you want to be able to do this?

Sylvian posted a way to do it in Mobius, with scripts.

Rick says:
Another problem about implementing this kind of functionality is that  
with idiosyncratic software upgrades like these, t very, very , very few 
end up using them, practically speaking.

Matt says:
we could start a statistic in Livelooping.org where users click what tool 
they use and what functions in it

It's how you use the functions as well.

Those loop tricks aren't just technical features in a device, the user
has to learn the way to use them.