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MidWest Loopfest Update 1

In response to:
Daniel Thomas: I have several trips to my hometown, Tulsa, this coming year.   I would love to try to hit a loop festival on one of these trips.  What date range?

Paul Haslem: I'm in Southwest Ontario, north and about halfway between Buffaloo and Detroit. I would certainly be interested in somthing I could get to with only a day or two driving time. There maybe some possibility of venues in Toronto (the Ping?) or Guelph or Kitchener (what do you think Ted?) I'm not too sure what sort of crowds we could get out but I do think one or two small venues could be found.

I added you two and Ted Killian to the new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/midwestloopfest/

Bryan Russell will be making a prelim list of possible venues and artists interested.  

1) The amount of cities we can arrange will depend on availability of those areas' loopers will to take the reins for a show in their city/region 

2) Timing could be sync'd with next year's main fest in Santa Cruz and the satellite fests in Portland, Seattle, SoCal and Texas

3) Midwest cities could be scheduled to allow performers who can travel the opportunity to perform at more than one MidWest event.

Realistically, it could be wise to give ourselves a good 6-9 months planning but if need be, loopers who want to connect and do small split-bill shows before then will be helping lay groundwork for later, larger fests.  Since I live in SoCal and am from Ohio, I will be more than willing to carpool, split lodging and whatnot to facilitate westerly loopers inclusion in the MidWest show(s).

Just another update - connect, comment and share \m/

Rejyna - rejyna@msn.com - 818-314-4968  - www.rejyna.com

(P.S. I'm a bit new to using this list and how best to respond to the emails, let me know if I'm correctly utilizing the list functions please)