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Re: Evoloop interface WAS Cutting Time

On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 4:09 PM, Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com> wrote:
and where would it go in the user interface? another Insert option?

I would like to make a small comment based on Matthias´s question from the cutting time thread.

On the EDP it almost seems like many features are piled up as options for the INSERT button.
this is no problem for most who use direct midi commands like myself, however for a totally NEW implementation of the device (as with the hopefully upcoming EvoLoop, which I am positively creaming to get my hands on) I would hope that the EDP interface could be re evaluated.

Heres my take on that. (By the way, I am assuming that this is all way too late, as Matt has already based EvoLoop on Echoloop, which is based on EDP, am I wrong?)

The problem with the EDP interface is that although its very easy to get to all kinds of settings using the Parameter Rows. Some (indeed MOST) of them are merely what I would call settings. And SOME, are changing how the buttons respond. Insert for example.

However 1 button combo got me thinking. The shortcut for Reverse. (Param 1 + undo) Its like a shortcut to an actual operation...

There are now so many possible uses for the buttons, that the basic set of 7 seems a little too few. But we would hate to have MORE right? BUT it would be nice to get quicker to some parameters via the front panel right?

I was wondering if the PARAMETER button could be used a little more creatively here? and act as a kind of SHIFT button. So that for each of the MAIN top level uses of the set of 7 (Indeed, the set of 7 EDP footpedal buttons too) could have up to 4 levels of SHIFTED parameters.

The regular operation of the parameter button could be accessed by, for example a long press. But a quick press of parameter could bring us to the Secondary set of parameters for the 7 buttons.

These could be variations to all the Parameters, and would still RELATE to what the top level buttons were for:

Confused? Yes maybe I haven't described well enough, the best thing would be for me to SHOW.
so here.

Normal mode: Parameter light off = Normal operation of buttons and footswitches, (IE operations chosen via settings)
Shift 1. Parameter light on 1 = All buttons respond as rounded operations
Shift 2. Parameter light on 2 = All buttons respond as unrounded operations
Shift 3. Parameter light on 3 = All buttons as SUS operations
Shift 4. Parmeter light on 4 = I dunno... something.. it was just an idea ok? Stop buggin me...

Anyway..  theres probably a good reason why this aint a good Idea.. just rambling really...