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Re: Re: Cutting Time

That was insane Per...
The flute seems like a perfect input instrument! Id love to hear that with no input level heard, not being a fan of the sound of a flute (too much Jethro Tull as a yoof, till punk taught be all i needed to know) Cos the looping shit is FUCKING amazing!!!! Tell me this is EWI and NOT just flute, please... what ARE those flute like, but synthy reverby sounds...? Damn It cant be EWI cos I can hear key clicks...


1. Raising speed +24, two octaves.
2. Running a "substitute on/of grid" script through out the now rather
short loop while...
3. Making a quick noise into the mic while...
4. Adjusting the Secondary Feedback (how much old audio are being substituted)
5. Finally taking the loop back down two octaves into normal speed and...
6. Voila - a bass line from just one quick spitting noise.


This was done at "Subcycles = 16" but the same "substitute on/of grid"
script would have sounded different, resulted in a slower bass line,
if done at "Subcycles = 12".

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe