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Message board up and running

Hey All!

Things are literally heating up around the world with all these loopfests.
 Which we can all agree is awesome.  However, organizing these things is a
huge ordeal.  I was speaking with Rick Walker (Y2K organizer) and Emmanuel
Reveneau (Paris Loop fest organizer) about some ideas to help assist with
the booking for these festivals and to assist loopers who are traveling
around playing gigs.

Here's the initial roll-out for a gig sharing/getting forum.


Please email me with new categories that you would like to see.  If you
are organizing a fest, I would like to make you a moderator so you can run
your topic threads as best suits your needs.

There are some general threads open that I would like to develop further
including a state by state venue listing for the U.S. Maybe country by
country for Europe and Asia? (I don't really know, I haven't toured
overseas and don't know the best way to approach that.)

I except this to have a lot of changes as we get it rolling.

This is for performances/collaborations only.  Let's keep the gear talk to
this list, the gigs/videos/promo and such to the Facebook page, etc...  I
will delete anything that's not gig/travel related.  This can be for
housing as well.

If you are a looper that travels around for gigs or has a regular spot and
can add loopers to your show. Please post!

Please be patient as we try and get this usable for everyone, I'm sure
there's going to be some bumps along the way.

In the meantime - let's get it going!




Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209