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Re: EBow - active/passive humbuckers

On 6.Nov2013, at 12:34 AM, Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Why would you say that?  Kim seemed to have a good grasp of 
> technology (for a musician!!), and a great intuitive sense for things 
> he didn't understand intellectually. He'd love to learn how things 
> work…

Kim was an electric engineer and his speciality was to optimize layout for 
high frequencynoise
so he was a master in math about magnetism
> On the other hand:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMpTqa8iICs

the maximum pressure you achieve with vacume is the pressure of air in 
nature, thats not enough
so maybe the fun of this scene is that both guys are wrong?