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Re: Rép : EBow - active/passive humbuckers

Charles Zwicky wrote:
At 11:03 AM +0100 11/6/13, In Mobile wrote:
Hi Charles

This is besides the condition sine qua non for speed sweeping arpegios (Frank Gambale without the right hand) on all strings with the E-bow. You can't do arpeggios anywhere else than just more or less on the pole pieces (anyway I can't really, I doesn't really catch) , if you don't have prior distortion on the guitar (i.e. using a clean sound).

Also false. The "sweep arpeggio bowing" effect simply relies on the internal distortion of the ebow amplifying the slight vibration of the string and the motion of the ebow over the poles (causing the same brightening effect mentioned above), the strings are not excited by the ebow in this case, but *by tapping with the left hand*.

Not by tapping with the left hand, it's the shape of the base of the
ebow which gives the string a push as the ebow lines up on it.
( it works with open strings )

I agree with you 100% otherwise. Ebow is misunderstood.