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Re: livelooping workshops

I did a workshop.
I can suggest to split time in two:
- first part for theory and history of looping; it is engaging to show videos of different styles and approach (from Terry Reilly to Fripp, from Zoe Keating to Bill Walker...and don't forget Jaco Pastorius looping with a simple delay)
- second part for practice session, where you can show how looping works and the many sonic possibilities it opens up (multiply, reverse, Half speed, divide, undo, redo, etc.....)
This was my experience and it worked....
Good luck,


Il giorno domenica 10 novembre 2013, Michael Peters ha scritto:

who has done livelooping workshops and can contribute some experience and ideas?  we will give two workshops (for maybe a dozen people this week, and several dozen at the end of the month) along with a regular concert, and are not quite sure yet how to do it.