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Re: livelooping workshops

To add to what Fabio and Per have said , I would like to say that its 
important to be aware of the sophistication of the audience , If I have a 
room full of relative newbies I will start with very basic explanations of 
looping techniques. For example, with  people who have no more experience 
that a single track looper, I won't necessarily pontificate on the  
virtues of multi track looping,  group commands,  script writing, and 
other advanced techniques. I will start by showing examples of how I might 
build a single loop with overdubs,  getting ones timing with punching in 
and out together, and the strategies I might employ. including using 
percussive elements, , using minimalist harmony elements to slowly build a 
track,  adding complementary parts and using undo., half speed, reverse, 
etc.. i will bring a list of available looping tools, to pass out,  that 
describe the various features.  I will also show more advanced techniques, 
 but not until Im sure that I've reached the most inexperienced looper in 
the room. As Per mentioned I might bring a microphone and  pass it around 
for people to try but I've had mixed results with that, again, it depends 
on the audience. I definitely will leave ample time at the end for 
questions and answers. As far as the history goes, I will go in to that to 
some degree, but I will start back with Les Paul, because , even though he 
was not live looping at the time, his use of live triggered backing tracks 
really set the stage for what we are doing today, and of course as one of 
the first fathers of multitrack recording, he is pivotal.   lastly in my 
experience, playing and then breaking down what I've done in the course of 
a looping improvisation is crucial for people to see how all of the 
elements come in to play.