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Knob Direction

Something I just noticed about my Boss LoopStation RC-20XL is if I want to turn every knob setting to, "low," or, "off,"  not all of the knobs have the low to hi going from left to right.  What I mean is one knob may be at 0 by turning it left and another at 0 by turning it right.

After years with a pedal (this one has been removed from my pedalboard due to fuzzy output) one may not worry about inconsistencies like where zero is located radially.  It just seemed curious and would be worth a final perimeter check desing -wise for future pedals so as to address the learning curve and intuitivity during performance.

This was partially inspired by my own accidental rhythm level knob going off with an audible click track during performance.  Those moment can be minimized, for sure with more knob design. 

Any thoughts?