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Looper's Delight Lucky 13 Radio Compilation

We didn't have a massive Looper Collaborative album this year so I would like to propose one based on luck and the number 13 for 2013 to commemorate this year. 

It would be really cool if all of the tracks could be unified by using radio as found sound source.  Please make the source material unrecognisable.

If you would like to also use guidelines such as recording on the 13th minute of the hour, 13th day, or making the track 13:13 in length you can if that helps you be more creative.  Not a requirement on this end but others will enjoy that attention to detail.

A picture to go with the track and a short (4ish sentences) description of you and/or the track also is welcome.

Other requirements:

Track must be a loop with distinct loop-like characteristics.

Please submit by January 13, 2014 .

Please Email if you have questions or words of experience to add.